Tacoma - Seattle, WA

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+ never fear change

Life is just as much about what you change as it is what you make of it. Take off the gloves, make moves and jump into the ring. And yes, you might get knocked the hell out a few times, but magic always happens.

+ journey begins 7

Starting at the age of seven, I began singing in the church choir in my hometown, Tacoma, WA. Shortly after I recognized my true calling, I took piano, songwriting and vocal classes. That all led me to the love of dance.

+ watch me soar

With the help of my team and God, I am the melanin gifted CEO of my own label here to prove that women aren’t just “having a moment.”

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[fade]My hair defies gravity,
My skin absorbs sunlight,
I glow in the moonlight.
I am magic. [/fade]
[fade]Your skin absorbs sunlight
Your hair defies gravity
You, You are light[/fade]















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[slide-left]w  h  o

a  r  e   

y  o  u[/slide-left] 


True Essence in all her forms
She is pure love
Radiant, Magnificent
She is
No one is she,
And that is her power
Who are you? [/fade]
[fade]Far from reality
Adventure awaits
It calls to me[/fade]
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